Greetings in the name of The Most High, JAH RASTAFARI!

Welcome to WWW.TALAWARADIO.COM, the views expressed here are the viewpoints of concerned world citizens. It is not our aim to offend anyone, but to agitate the minds of this generation in regards to the various crises that plague our planet. If you are logged in to this station, that must mean that you are equally concerned about our children and the future of this planet.  With that being said, regardless of what’s going on in your world, give thanks for the moment, the gift of life and another day to try again. Sit back, relax and let us play the best in music for you while you go about your day. We thank you for logging on and listening to WWW.TALAWARADIO.COM.
"keeping the socially conscious covered."
Blessed Love !
Who is It Who is It 2016

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