One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.
-Bob Marley

Cocoa Sarai

Hailing from Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, New York Cocoa Sarai's diversity is called "Pop-soul With influences such as Prince, Billie Holliday & Mary J. Blidge she colors outside the lines and pushes the envelope of creativity...full bio


Roxiny Univese- A Dominican born and internationally raised singer-songwriter/producer, she lights the way for a new kind of pop culture femme...full bio



Noodle Noo

Noodle The Innocent Child
Displaying artistic maturity beyond his 31 years, Andre Rainey–better known as Noodle Noo - is leaving his mark on the music industry, sparking a much-needed resurrection for positive and inspirational Hip Hop...full bio

Chase Paper

Chase Paper-Born in Brooklin, New York. David Brown aka Chase Paper, A local Artist in Brooklin, New York pursuing his dreams to become the next top Artist in the game. He has been rapping for a while and  collaberates with producers and other artists around the U.S...full bio

Satellite Rockers

The Satellite Rockers are a Reggae Roots and Dub jam group hailing from Worcester Massachusetts who focus on original reggae which forges traditional and contemporary influences. ...full bio



Okai Musik

Named Okai {Okay} in homage of my parents hometown,  I'm a self-taught percussionist who discovered drumming at the age of five with two kitchen knives and a bucket. I tried to make sense of the rhythms that were flowing through me in my parents’ Brooklyn apartment hallway until my arms were tired...full bio

Fitzroy Francis

Record Producer at Mightyful13 Records

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